Posted by: kauaikolea2 | May 28, 2011

Hawaiian Inspired hand made Tiles, Pottery and Fine Art

Hand painted tiles and art can be found at Banana Patch Studios in old Historic town of  Hanapepe.  The studio is located in the beautiful Historic Chang Building (1926).  The designs are inspired by the Hawaiian Culture and natural beauty of Kauai.  Initially a one-woman operation, Banana Patch Studio now employs 20 artists creating hand painted tiles and pottery from Joanna Carolan’s unique designs.  It is really hard to go home without taking a precious piece with you, to remind you of your visit in the paradise of Kauai.

Hanapepe is also the site of the Friday Night Art Walk when the shops, like Banana Patch, stay open late and street vendors sell the most delicious food.  Hanapepe is a reasonable drive from the Coconut Coast, east side, of Kauai, where our affordable luxury Kauai vacation rentals are located.  View all our properties at



  1. I am putting this on my list!! Thanks for the tip… this site is great!!

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