Posted by: kauaikolea2 | June 11, 2011

Some Hair in Paradise: The Garden Isle and Humidity

Paradise Means Waterfalls, Sunshine, and Humidity: Big Bash Tonight! What to do with my hair!?

Kaua’i is the Garden Isle, with its lush green foliage and periodic doses of liquid sunshine. (Note: it does not “rain all the time” on island; we often get brief refreshing afternoon showers, however, and we like it and call it “liquid sunshine”.)  If you are visiting us on Kaua’i, you may need some tips about your hair.  Judaysia, a celebrity hairstylist in the Hollywood area of California, offers many ideas on her blog and Web site that features organic hair products (  First of all, you are on vacation, so let your hair be on vacation, too.  Kaua’i is relaxed and laid-back and you should use your time with us exploring our beaches and hiking trails and zip lines and kayaking….and you get the idea.  Give your hair a vacation. Let it go. It could use a rest from blow dryers, flat irons, and brushes.  Put on a big floppy hair to protect your hair and your face from sun and get out there and explore Kaua’i.

Over here, we don’t waste a lot of time fiddling with our tresses.  Coconut oil and other tropical
oils are great products for taming frizzies, on island or not, and really nourish hair.  Clip your hair up in a twist, add big sunglasses, and everyone at Lihue Airport will be thinking you are some  starlet just landing from SoCal.

So, a nice stylish “messy bun” is probably the plan for tonight!


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