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What to Pack When Heading to Paradise (aka Kauai)?

You have booked a flight and have a place to stay and a rental car.  You are days away from your Hawaiian vacation at one of our Kauai vacation rentals (, and that big suitcase is open, on the bed, with its yawning mouth, waiting for you to pack.  What does one pack when heading to what passes for Paradise here on Earth? What do you really need for the activities you have in mind?

And will you suddenly remember, as you are lounging on the lanai with a tropical cooler,  the full trash bin under the sink back home? Or will you find that you forgot your credit card when you go to pay for that great piece of Hawaiian art?

Not only do you want to pack or carry everything that you will need, you do not want to pack items that are not needed.

This list  — and convenient checkoff boxes — should  help you get ready for your vacation in terms of suggestions of what to pack and what to do before you head out to the airport:


Things to do, things to pack to make
your Hawaii vacation stress free!

To Do Before Leaving Home
Hold mail and newspapers or arrange neighbor to pick up regularly
Lock all doors and windows before leaving
Arrange for pet sitting or bring pets to kennel/border
Take out all trash
Empty refrigerator of all perishable items
Adjust heating/cooling to “away” mode
Make Sure You Have or Carry With You
Wallet, credit/debit cards, cash, and photo identification for TSA
House keys, car keys, luggage lock keys
Eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lens and contact solutions
Medical insurance cards
Driver’s license for car rental company
Prescription medicines and copy of prescription if necessary
Airline tickets, boarding pass, or boarding app on iPhone
Car rental and hotel rental confirmation numbers
Book, magazines, or other entertainment (ie, DVD) for airplane
Travel pillow, pashmina, other comfort items for airplane
Clothes to Pack
Cool comfortable clothing for each day based on planned activities
Swimsuits (2 per day recommended if snorkeling or other water sports planned)
Tee shirt to wear snorkeling (to avoid sunburn)
Shorts or jeans for ziplining
Boots or sturdy shoes for hiking; socks (several pairs)
Flip flops (called “slippers” on Kaua’i)
Wide-brim hat or baseball cap
Toiletries to Pack
Razor and shaving gel or foam; electric razor
Zinc oxide-based sunscreen
Lip balm with SPF protection
Toothbrush and toothpaste; dental floss and mouthwash
Combs and brushes
Any OTC medications you regularly need (eg, Imodium)
Other Useful Items
Camera, film, memory cards, charger for camera if needed
Cell phone and charger
Laptop (free WiFi in condos 250 and 361)
Video recorder and charger
Address book to mail postcards; postcard stamps
Things You Do Not Need to Bring
Beach towels
Hair dryer
Alarm clock
iPhone home
Hand soap and bath soap (organic)
Starter amounts of shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion (organic)
Emergency flashlight
Iron and ironing board


Start your Hawaiian holiday in a good and relaxed frame of mind, using this checklist to help get you ready for your time in Paradise!

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