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Maiden Trip to Paradise: Some Helpful Hints for Your First Visit to Kauai

Sunrise at Islander on the Beach  May 2005

You did it!  You have airplane tickets to Paradise –   Kaua’i – and a room on the ocean ( or 1 855 HULA NOW).  You downloaded and used the checklist for what to pack for your vacation AND the checklist for what to bring to the beach  (both checklists are on this site). But you still have questions….and here are some answers.

Rental Cars

Kaua’i is a small island and has a limited number of rental cars, with little chance of bringing in more cars from another state!  It is a good idea to reserve a car in advance of your trip. Many car rental companies will give you a discount if you book on line and pay in advance.  You will probably need to still show your driver’s license and credit card, but it will make the process faster once you are on island and at the car rental counter.

Lihue is a small airport.  Gather your luggage, walk across the street, get on the shuttle  bus for your rental car company, and within 3 minutes, you will be at the counter ready to pick up your car keys and get on your way!

When you return your car, drop off traveling companions and luggage at the airport, drive over to the car rental return, hop on the shuttle, and with no hassle, you are ready to check into your flight.

Unless you plan on just sitting on the beach and taking taxis to and from the airport to your hotel and out for meals, you should rent a car.  You will not be able to use most rental cars as off-road vehicles but you will find that having a car allows you to explore Kaua’i on your terms.  The least-expensive gas is at Costco, in Lihue, close to the airport and rental car returns.

Eating Out and Eating In

Those were the days when chickens actually roamed through Eggbert’s during breakfast!  The pancakes are excellent, still, at the new location for Eggbert’s in the Coconut Marketplace even if the chickens have departed.

Kaua’i is a wonderful mixture of cultures – Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, and US Mainland, to name a few.  Why eat at a fast-food chain on island when you can eat at smaller independent lunch stands, restaurants, food trucks, and the like?  Try a plate lunch, real shave ice, taro shakes, things that you will not be eating back home.

As for purchasing basic foods for your condo or for grilling at the communal barbeques at the resort, try Costco, Wal-Mart, or Foodland.  Cases of bottled water can be purchased and chilled in your condo refrigerator in lieu of purchasing individual and expensive bottles every day.  (Put some in the gift backpack provided in Condos 250 and 361 before heading out to explore the island!).  If you think you will be doing a good deal of grocery shopping, Foodland has Maika’i cards. You can sign up and use immediately at the store for discounts.

Luaus and Other Events

While waiting for your luggage (doesn’t take long at Lihue as the airport is small), pick up pamphlets and brochures (and maps!).  Anything and everything you want to do — or never even thought of doing like zip lining — will be advertised here.  If you know in advance what  you would like to do, and see this site for various travel adventures and luau information, if  you book in advance on line, you often qualify for a good discount in price.

More questions?  Please contact us and we will be happy to help you plan your trip to our beautiful island.  Our goal is the Vacation of a Lifetime Every Time.

Mahalo for stopping by!

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