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Avoiding Baggage Fees, Overfilled Overhead Bins, and Gate-Checked Scene: A Checklist

If  you are a premium customer with an airline, you can check 1 or 2 bags for free, but most airlines charge the routine customer a hefty fee for checking a bag or bags.  Overhead bin space is limited and passengers who board last may not find any space left, even for a small bag.  As the other passengers sit stiffly and the flight attendant’s voice echoes over the speaker system, reminding everyone that the plane can not depart until all luggage has been stowed and all passengers are seated, you see a lonely figure on his/her perp walk up the aisle to “gate check” a  bag.

Or perhaps you knowingly pack 2 suitcases for a 1-week stay on Kaua’i and count the baggage fee as part of the cost of your vacation.

In any of these situations, a little planning may have allowed you to pack less, pay less, haul less, and be responsible for less.  Some suggestions are:

  • Determine how much and what kind of clothing you need for your stay on Kaua’i. If you are not attending a formal event, such as a wedding, you probably do not need formal clothes.  Most restaurants on Kaua’i are geared to vacationers and few, if any, require men to wear ties, although some do restrict denim, shorts, cutoffs, and other very casual wear.
  • You are on vacation!  Don’t bring complicated outfits and don’t worry about wearing the same outfit twice. Plus part of the fun of a vacation is buying an aloha shirt, a special tee shirt, a gauzey dress; save room for these vacation treasures.
  • For women, the top of a tankini often can double as a shirt with shorts or a skirt.
  • Starter amounts of shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion (as well as face and hand soap) are provided in our rental units, and Kaua’i does have stores where you can purchase anything you need!  A small travel-sized toothpaste may serve you for your entire vacation.  In any case, pack your toiletries in plastic bags and remember the 2-oz rule for TSA.
  • Those plastic “roller bags” can be your BFF! Rolled clothes actually will be less wrinkled than folded and stacked clothes.  Once the air is squeezed from the roller bag, a week’s worth of undies is a small, tidy package.
  • Remember to pack heavier items on the bottom of your carry-on, and fit rolled items around and on top of  them.
  • If you are packing shoes (wear on plane for safety reasons, but flip-flops — or slippers — are the norm here on island), use the space inside them for small items.
  • Our units have ironing boards and irons, if you are so inclined, and the resort has a laundry room if you need it.

If you do decide to pack more luggage — your own snorkel and fins or hiking shoes or whatever — and check your bag, remember to keep your valuables and at least 1 change of clothes, as well as eyeglasses and medicines, in your carry-on bag.

In any case, relax, let the Aloha spirit in, and enjoy the beautiful Garden Isle!

Come, stay with us!  View all our amazing Kauai vacation rental properties at our website:

Islander on the Beach

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Kapaa Sands

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Unit 9: Ocean Front Coastal Views – Second Floor – Queen Bed





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