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Why Kauai? Some Amazing Facts.

Kauai is the state’s fourth largest island of Hawaii and is also known as the Garden Island.  Kauai’s formation comes mainly from volcanic matter, covered by mountains. The highest mountain, Kawaikini Peak, measures at 5,243 ft above sea level! Talk about enormous! With the fertile soil on this island, sugarcane and tropical fruits are developed. You will find Taro fields on the North Shore.  Kauai is also known for its canyons, the deepest of which is Waimea, going 10 miles directly into the Earth! Most people have no idea that these canyons are so deep.  And if you are brave enough, you can even take a guided expedition down there, close enough to not burn yourself hopefully, which is highly recommended not to take this trip on your own. The main population centers of Kauai are Lihue and Kapaa. The area of Kauai County is 552 square miles and combined population 58,303.

Historically, Kauai was the last Hawaiian island to be added to King Kamehameha’s Kingdom of Hawaii in the 1800’s due to strong resistance by Kauai’s ruler, Kaumuali’i. In face of threat and invasion, Kaumuali’i chose to join the kingdom without bloodshed in 1810. There is a rich feeling to this island, that you can only fully understand when you are here.  Be sure to check out Na Pali Coast while in Kauai. This is a breathtaking spot of rocks and water located on the shores of Kauai. The steep landscape, however, make it impossible for road navigation, so tread carefully and consider seeing it from a chartered boat! Also, the wettest spot on Earth, with an annual average rainfall of 460 inches, is located on the east side of Mount Wai’ale’ale, Kauai! Very cool!!  And, refreshing, you will welcome natures refreshing treat of your own outdoor shower to cool you off.

Kauai County, known as the Garden Isle, lies in the middle of the riveting Pacific Ocean. It is one of Hawaii’s most-loved counties because of its tropic richness and majestic appeal. Home to different races, this tropical paradise is just a 20-minute air travel away from Aloha airport in Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital. But no matter where you are coming from, Kauai County is always within your reach. The weather is fair to mostly sunny at daytime and clear, high sky at night.

Kauai’s sparkling beaches and coastlines are perfect spots for an adrenaline-rush adventure during the day and romantic viewing of the sun kissing the earth at sunset. Its five regions– West Side, North Side, Coconut Coast, Lihue Kalapaki, and South Shore– are homes to many natural wonders that will surely bring every tourist in a blissful trance of superb enjoyment. The postcard-perfect sceneries are sure to enchant every soul visiting this indescribably majestic tropical paradise.

Just like most of Hawaii, the sugarcane industry was the first industry in Kauai. The first triumphant sugarcane plantation started operations in 1835 and in just two years time, it produced two tons of raw sugar. But nowadays, tourism is the booming industry in this pristine county. With its high English speaking population, tourists are sure to get their way so easily from arrival to departure. Kauai music is also addictive and of course, a vacation in Kauai will never be complete without experiencing the fun of dancing and hula. Aloha!

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