Posted by: kauaikolea2 | July 18, 2011

Destination Wedding on Kaua’i?

Once upon a time, weddings were held in the bride’s hometown church — even if she had moved away for college or work, she would dutifully return for her wedding.  Now that brides and grooms are apt to have left their hometowns decades earlier and have wide-flung family and friends, more often than not a destination wedding is the venue.   A destination wedding is, of course, a wedding that is held in a vacation-like resort.  Hawaii has its fair share of destination weddings, for good reasons.  The weather is almost always perfect and the trip to the islands is a relatively short plane trip from the mainland.

If you are invited to a destination wedding on Kaua’i, you may wish to consider:

  • Transportation — wedding planners urge brides and grooms to announce early their plans for a destination wedding so guests can find good airline fares.  Lucky is the guest who has the couple picking up the airfare — or flying the lot of guests in a private jet.
  • Packing — again, destination wedding planners often send guests a list of activities, suggested and part of the ceremony.  A luau the night before the ceremony may be on the list, so pack your Aloha shirt and other comfortable clothes.  If the wedding is more traditional, ie, held in a church, you may need more traditional clothes (ask the bride and groom or the wedding planner).  Some brides and grooms have special shirts and muumuus made for the bridal party and guests.  Whether formal or informal, it is best to pack your wedding  outfit in your carry-on luggage so you are not the guest in the wedding photos in shorts and a tee shirt!
  • Vacationing  — a destination wedding offers guests a great way to have that Hawaiian vacation they have always dreamed about, but never go around to planning.  Once on island and once the ceremonies and associated events are completed, you may wish to move to another island or another hotel on the island and enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer.

Why should the bride and groom get all the pampering?  If you are guest or are extending your stay after an on-island wedding, you need some luxury, too.  Our Kauai vacation rental condos ( or 1 855 HULA NOW) are ideal.  We are close to the Lihue airport and within easy reach of north, south, and west location (Hanalei, Princeville, Poipu, etc).  Our condos feature 620-count cotton sheets, fluffy spa-quality towels, spa robes, organic toiletries, free coffee for every night of your stay, a welcome gift bag, free in room WiFi, and so much more.  Consider it a second honeymoon for you and your spouse.  (Our guest books are filled with comments so we know many guests spend their honeymoon with us.  At least one offer of marriage has been reported to have occurred on the lanai of 361).

Come, experience our warm Aloha and allow yourself to be surrounded by luxury and pampering, whether you are the happy couple, in the bridal party, a guest, a honeymooner, or a vacationer.




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