Posted by: kauaikolea2 | July 22, 2011

Aloha Spirit Alive and Well During Transpac Yacht Race

Sometimes, winning isn’t everything…..Members of the Channel Island Yacht Club and the Anacapa Yacht Club, both based in Ventura County, California, were about 1 mile from the finish line when they stopped to save a kayaker in serious trouble.  It odessy started when the yachters thought that they spotted the red buoy they were looking for; instead, it was a kayaker in a bright red shirt who had fallen from his kayak when he broke a paddle.  The man had been floating in the rough Molokai Channel for about 4 hours when the Californians spotted him.

Having sailed 2224 miles from Long Beach, with only 1 mile to go, the yachters did not stop to think for a minute about the race but immediately went to the aid of the man.  They contacted the Coast Guard, but were able to pull the kayaker onto the Second Chance before the Coast Guard arrived.

The rescue took about 45 minutes and while the race committee is looking at deducting the rescue time from their finish time, none of the yachters is disappointed.

Truly, a Second Chance gave a man a second chance and also proved that Aloha Spirit is alive and well.  Mahalo nui loa to all involved!


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