Posted by: kauaikolea2 | July 22, 2011

Koloa Plantation Days 2011

July 22-31, 2011

Koloa Plantation Days festival, Kauai, Hawaii. Photo (c) Danny Hashimoto.

Koloa Plantation Days is held on Kauai’s south shore every year in July. The many ethnic groups that came to Hawaii to work on sugar plantations, and the Hawaiians who welcomed them, are celebrated through music, dance, costumes, and food throughout this nine-day festival.

Over 20 events celebrate the plantation heritage and modern-day vitality of Kauai’s south shore communities of Koloa and Poipu, during this 9-day family-oriented festival. Each year, the festival brings visitors and residents together to learn about Koloa’s multicultural history, experience a diverse range of local foods, culture and activities, explore the area’s unique ecology and archaeology, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the south shore’s resorts, golf courses, and other neighborhood venues.

Koloa plantation was founded in 1835, the first in the islands. The birth of the sugar industry shaped the lives of everyone in Hawaii forever. Although the mill and fields are idle in Koloa and virtually all of the state, many people in Hawaii are former workers or descendants of plantation workers who came from many lands. Koloa Plantation Days brings people to Koloa and Poipu on Kauai’s south shore to celebrate aspects of the plantation lifestyle that we are still connected to.

Now that visitors and related businesses are the livelihood of Koloa and other former plantation towns throughout Hawaii, Koloa Plantation Days offers events that entertain and that also educate participants about old Hawaii and the plantation days. Hawaiian games, historic videos, guided walks, cooking demonstrations, and historic displays throughout Koloa are a few of these entertaining and enlightening opportunities to get families involved in Koloa’s heritage.



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