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All Ya’ Need is Coconuts…..

Ever wonder why cartoonists place ship-wreck survivors on a tiny island with a coconut palm? Could be because all you need to survive are coconuts!  Okay, a slight exaggeration, but coconuts are a great resource for many peoples and nations.   In fact, the names for coconuts in different counties illustrates their usefulness: In Sanskrit it is kalpa vriksha (tree that provides all the necessities of life); in Malay it is pokok seribu guna (the tree of a thousand uses); and in the Philippines, the coconut is commonly called the tree of life.

Coconuts are light, buoyant, and water resistant and they do get around the world, floating with the currents until they land on the shore — or a tiny isolated island — where they begin to sprout.  (Some say that coconuts require a prolonged dunking in salt water to start the germination process.) So, cartoonists are not far off having coconut palms in remote places.

What are coconuts good for?  Remember, the coconut coast, where we are located, was named such for all the coconuts industriously planted by a long-ago entrepreneur who saw the utility of coconuts….but neglected the time necessary from sprout to harvest.

Some everyday uses and commercial products of coconuts, beyond Almond Joy and Mounds, are:

  • Food — coconut meat, coconut water, coconut cream, coconut vinegar, palm wine, palm sugar or jaggery, hearts of palm; coconut jam, coconut candy, coconut oil, copra; food for livestock
  • Kitchen wares — bowls and cups; leaves used to wrap food for cooking; storage containers, sponge, ladle
  • Everyday use — rope, woven place mats, woven shelters, fuel, canoes, floor buffer, coconut buttons for Aloha shirts, potting soil for orchids, fuel, insect repellent (smoke from burning), furniture, drums and other musical instruments, writing paper (remember the coconut on JFK’s desk?), bird feeders

The list is almost endless, with coconuts incorporated into religious and cultural rituals, too.

Maybe all you do need is a coconut!  Come visit us on the Coconut Coast of Kaua’i and ponder the utility of the coconut, while sitting in the shade of a magestic coconut palm.

View all our great properties at :

Islander on the Beach

Unit 111: Partial Ocean View – Ground floor – 2 Full Beds

Unit 170: Partial Ocean View – Ground floor – 2 Full Beds

Unit 222: Almost Ocean Front – Second Floor – Queen Bed

Unit 250: Ocean Front – Second Floor – King Bed

Unit 361: Ocean View – Third Floor – King Bed

Kauai Beach Resort

Unit 1317: Lagoon/Partial Ocean View – Third Floor – King Bed

Kapaa Sands

Unit 7: Ocean Front Coastal Views – Second Floor – Queen Bed

Unit 9: Ocean Front Coastal Views – Second Floor – Queen Bed



  1. […] All Ya’ Need is Coconuts….. ( […]

  2. […] All Ya’ Need is Coconuts….. ( […]

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