Posted by: kauaikolea2 | September 5, 2011

3 Islands in 3 Hours

Next time you are making reservations, and you don’t quite understand everything they said, due to their accent…… ask!  Or you might be seeing 3 islands in 3 hours.

If you do embark on a 3 island tour there are some things you might want to consider picking up at the different airports, that honor your adventure.  Not only will you get the best site seeing of the day being able to take in all of the different coast lines, but you have an opportunity to pick up some special island treats.

Never fear, there is always a Starbucks near…. you will find a Starbucks for refreshments during your 3 hour tour, so there is always that comfort of home with you.  The one in the picture is at the Maui Kahului Airport which is located in the central hub of the airport.

While at the Maui airport you might want to wander into Pineapple Country where you will find an incredible assortment of  T-shirts to savor the memory of your hour in Maui. They have some of the best picks during our 3 island tour, so grab one while you can.

If sudden hunger comes to you, you will find Sammy’s or Tropical Landing a great place to eat.  All of the shops and restaurants in Maui are in the central hub of the airport, so nothing is too far away.

If you find yourself thinking about some Maui Gold, you can pick up that perfect Pineapple to take home at the Kahului Trading Co. all packed and ready to go.  If you want something a little different to take home, consider some of First Hawaiian Chocolate’s, chocolate covered pineapple treats, to surprise your family and friends.

You quickly glance at your watch and realize it is time for your tour to continue so off to Honolulu we go.  At the Honolulu Airport, you will pull into the Inter-island Terminal which gives you an opportunity to lounge around taking in some Starbucks since there are two in the Inter-island terminal or relax at Stinger Rays (a bit pricey) which feels like a little piece of Island Paradise, sitting in a cove, where you wait for your flight to Kauai.  You can easily monitor the flights from this area, and before you know it, it is time to head towards Kauai…. all aboard!

As you approach your final destination, Kauai you realize that your 3 island tour is coming to an end, and you are landing in one of  the most quaint airports, being small and easy to get around.  Once you have landed you have a short trip to baggage claim where you can pick up the latest events and activities brochures on Kauai during your stay, along with your bags if you checked any.  The rental car agency’s are just across the street, and with a quick ride in the shuttle you are picking up your car.

Sit back and relax, you have just seen more of the islands then most do in their entire island stay, filled with different landscapes and coastlines for the best treasure of all, our memories.

E Komo Mai to Kauai, be sure to enjoy your oceanfront or ocean view condos with us, and do come back again soon.

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