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Treasure Hunting on Glass Beach

Sea glass can be found in small amounts on beaches around the world, but one beach on Kaua’i, appropriately named Glass Beach, is known for its abundance of  the stuff.  At first glance, Glass Beach is not the place where vacationers would want to spend a lot of time.  The beach is not a swimming beach and is rocky with black sand.  The vista is not ideal, with gas tanks and other industrial paraphernalia in sight. Glass Beach is located in an industrial area of Ele’ele. But on closer inspection, the shoreline of Glass Beach is covered with millions of sea glass pieces – brown, aqua, clear,  and blue — and interesting bits of metal, pottery,  and shells.

The story told about Glass Beach is that locals used to toss their trash on an outcropping near the beach.  The ocean then took the trash, tossed it on the rocks and dragged it across the sand, to produce sea glass.  The rule of thumb is 30 years from bottle to sea glass, but the wave action and rocks here turn out sea glass quickly. While many locals remember sea glass up to 6 inches deep in decades past, much sea glass remains to be found.

Perhaps you are an artist or jewelry maker and a day at Glass Beach is on your agenda.  Just remember, you are allowed to take one pail of sand per day from the beach and that is all.  Casual treasure hunters can still wander around for 30 minutes or so and fill their pockets with glass bits.  Much of the collecting is by chance — storms drag more glass higher up the beach — and by determination — carefully turn over rocks to find pieces trapped underneath or between rocks. (This beach is a place where your inexpensive surf shoes will come in handy to walk on the rocks.)

Glass Beach isn’t mentioned in most guidebooks, and there are no signs  directing drivers to it.  To find the beach,  take the Port Allen exit off the highway, then turn down a street past some warehouses, and follow a very rutted dirt road to the water.  The area is a bit desolate and deserted (unless other sea glass collectors are there, which is generally the case), but look down — the black sand should be glittering with bits of sea glass ready for your treasure hunting experience.

Glass Beach is an easy drive from our Kauai vacation rental condos ( or 1 855 HULA NOW).  Add it as a stop on your way to Hanepepe  or Spouting Horn (see other posts for more information).  A little jar or dish of sea glass on your desk is a lovely reminder of your stay with us.

Islander on the Beach

Unit 111: Partial Ocean View – Ground floor – 2 Full Beds

Unit 170: Partial Ocean View – Ground floor – 2 Full Beds

Unit 222: Almost Ocean Front – Second Floor – Queen Bed

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Kauai Beach Resort

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Kapaa Sands

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