Posted by: kauaikolea2 | December 22, 2011

Whales, Whales and more Whales!!

This week I was enjoying the sound of the ocean and watching the waves come to shore.  When all of a sudden I see a big splash of water just out in front of me, only to see that the whales are just off shore breaching and spouting – having fun.  When they are spouting water it is like a shower above them that you can almost imagine being in.  It was so fascinating watching them play around and coming fully out of the water and landing on their sides!!  What a great sight it was.  Only to look at the beach to see the monk seals at the same time playing around….. what a magical place Kauai is.  And how lucky was I to be on the lanai at that very moment and to see our friends from the sea!

View from Islander Oceanfront Unit 250 where I was whale watching!  Between now and April is the best time to see our friends from the sea, be sure to come and visit us in our oceanfront and ocean view condos – truly a great place to escape to during the winter time.

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Hope you to see you soon!!




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