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Best season to travel Kauai

What is it you want to get out of your trip to Kauai?  That will determine what time of year is best for you to go.  Do you like to travel when it is quiet, or during the busy season?  Will you be doing a lot of hiking, spending time on the beach or general exploring on the island?  Let’s explore these areas to help you get the most out of your trip, so it is personalized to the experience you want when you visit the beautiful tropics of Kauai.

Kauai tourist seasons start in mid-December through Easter and from mid-June to Labor Day.  This is considered prime time for rental cars and lodging, which means you need to book months in advance for both, to ensure you aren’t paying the high prices, and you are getting the best of both.  Rental car rates during these prime seasons can be very high if you wait to reserve your car a week before your vacation.  If for some reason you need a car at the last minute, I have found going directly to the car rental companies on Island you will get the best deal – phoning in will yield nothing but their standard seasonal high rates.  Booking in advance you will be ensured getting the right condo and rental car rates, and it will save you the big bucks.

One of my favorite times in Kauai is when it is quiet, but is Kauai really ever that busy?  Not compared to the other islands.  No matter what time of year you can always find a beach with only a handful of people.  If you do go to Kauai on the off season, you will find better prices and availability for a more spontaneous vacation.  If you are traveling with a group of friends or family you will be able to have that unique experience of feeling like you are the only ones there.  Kauai offers such a unique experience, and you will know you have found paradise.


 Kauai has great weather no matter what time of year you travel.  If you are traveling in the winter months you will want to bring a lightweight jacket or sweater.  The average temperature in Kauai is 78 degrees with the water temperature still very comfortable around 74 – 80 degrees.  If you travel during the winter time you most likely will catch the whales playing and breaching right in front of our condos.  It is an incredible sight to see, and if you are lucky you will catch them with a camera.  During winter, the whale sightings are about 10 whales in 15 minutes if you are in the prime whale watching locations.  During the winter time you can also expect a fair amount of rain on Kauai.  I have always found the rain to be quite refreshing, which yield incredible results with the waterfalls.  Be ready to see waterfalls beyond belief in the winter time.  The great thing with Kauai is that you can always drive to a different part of the island and find the sun if it rains more than a brief shower.

If you are traveling during the summer, be prepared for some warm weather which will be wonderful.  You will enjoy the trade winds being on the Coconut Coast with the fresh breezes.  It is a great time of year to see the Honu (sea turtles) and endangered Monk Seals.  We have a resident seal that makes visits to the beach on a regular basis.  I was sitting on the beach in front of our condos and a man was swimming in the water.  The resident seal came and swam alongside of him.  He didn’t know what to think.  I could see his expression trying to figure out what it was, and he was delighted to see the seal being playful.  When planning a summer vacation on Kauai, be sure to think about what type of activities you want to experience and starting your day early, or after relaxing, watching the sunrise from the lanai or the beach.

One other trick to consider when booking your condo.  A lot of rate adjustments are made in general in the tourist industry as you get closer to the time period.  Sometimes when you book 8 months in advance, it will get the lowest rates, because they haven’t adjusted up yet for that time period.

If you are looking to stay at an Oceanfront resort, where a hotel has been converted to condos, you are at the right place.  You will find a low rise plantation style resort set on over 6 acres right on the ocean.  The benefit of staying with a private owner over the bulk rooms from the hotel manager (which are still privately owned) is that the privately rented units can offer affordable luxuries and customize what they offer.  When the condos are in the rental pool of the resort, they pretty much are standard hotel rooms, without all the personality and treats you will find in ours.

View all our Kauai vacation rentals at our website or call us at  1 855 HULA NOW

We hope to see you soon on Kauai.




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