Posted by: kauaikolea2 | May 3, 2012

Whatsup? SUP or Stand-Up Paddleboards


No doubt you have seen them, the stand-up paddleboarders (SUP) gliding smoothly across the water when you have been on Kaua’i.   It looks like fun, and it is.

SUP is based on the ancient Hawaiian sport of paddle surfing. Fast forward to the 1960s, where surfers on Waikiki would paddle out on long boards to take photographs of tourists learning to surf — and sell them to the tourists as a reminder of the “fun” they had learning.  More recently, established surf pros have taken up SUP and the sport has taken off.

If you surf or do Pilates, you have a head start, as SUP relies on good core body strength (all those “hundreds” in Pilates class now come in very handy).  But unlike surfing, SUP is easier to learn and is done in calmer waters than the crashing 10-foot waves that surfers enjoy.

Most surf shops on Kaua’i have added SUP to their menus of classes and rentals.  Add this activity to your list of “things to do” on Kaua’i.  We hope to greet you with warm Aloha at one of our affordable luxury condohotels very soon and hope to hear about your SUP adventures, here in our blog or in our guest comment books.




  1. Love it! Great article, can’t get over how much of a core workout stand-up paddle boarding is! Great post!

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