Posted by: kauaikolea2 | June 25, 2012

Kauai Condos’ Best Amenities — Tropical Sounds

Finally, you are on Kaua’i, ready for your much-anticipated and much-needed vacation.  No daily commute, no deadlines, no clacking office equipment.

What do you hear?

If you are staying in one of our Kaua’i condos, you will hear the roar of the ocean waves, one rolling in after another, mesmerizing and relaxing you.  If you are staying on the second or third floor, maybe you will decide to keep the sliding glass doors open at night and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean.

What else do you hear?

Perhaps you hear the palm leaves rustle in the gentle trade winds.  Or maybe you hear the tropical birds calling to each other.

If you venture out to explore the island — and our central location makes north, south, and west destinations an easy drive — you may hear the sound of one of our trademark waterfalls.

Tropical sounds of peace…. one of our best amenities.

What you will not hear is any traffic noise as our condo-hotels are located right on the ocean-front, a distance from the highway.  Islander on the Beach was built as an old Hawaiian-style resort and is not a high-rise complex.  You are close to nature and peaceful sounds, far away from commuting and clacking office equipment.

If this sounds like your type of vacation spot, please check our Websites for further information, where you can easily and securely book any one of our Kaua’i vacation rental condos:  or 1 855 HULA NOW


Wishing you warm Aloha!


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