Posted by: kauaikolea2 | July 5, 2012

Ancient Menehune Fish Pond from your Kauai Vacation Rental Condos

Image Being centrally located at the Coconut Coast in our Kauai Condos is a big plus.  You can venture out to explore many different areas within a short 10 -20 minute drive from the condos. Along the Huleia Stream just above Nawilwili Harbor is the historic fishpond built by the Menehune people.  The legend states the Menehune people, “little folk”, built it in one moonlit night.  These mysterious people were thought to be very industrious and used their great strength to accomplish mighty feats overnight.  The seaward end of the fish pond was left unfinished because dawn came before the Menehune had completed their work.  Archaeologist have dated the pond to pre-Hawaiian times, around 1,000 years ago.  A 900 foot stone wall separates the pond and the Huleia Stream is considered to be an engineering marvel.  According to the legend is was completely constructed during one moonlit night when the stones were passed along a 25 mile row of Menehune workers from the quarry to the site, passing stones hand-to-hand to build the pond. Today the fishpond is no longer in use for its traditional purpose of trapping and raising fish for food. It is worth stopping and looking at this marvel when you are heading to south shore from the condos.  It is a beautiful drive and will bypass the normal roads, with amazing views of Kipu on the way. The fish pond is one of the long amazing list of things to do when you are on Kauai.  Staying on the East coast at the  Coconut Coast makes every adventure a pleasurable one. View all our affordable Kauai vacation rentals on our website whee you can book immediately:

Wishing you a warm Aloha.


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