Posted by: kauaikolea2 | July 8, 2013

Summer Time Blues

another hammock

 Blue sky, blue ocean, but no blues here

Summer time blues.  We got ’em.  Not the angst-ridden blues, but real blues.  Blue skies, blue ocean, and endless views of both from our lanais on Kaua’i.

Maybe you have the real summer time blues — it is too hot, too muggy, too rainy, or nothing exciting is going on.  It is not too late to come to Kaua’i!  Besides our blue skies and blue ocean, we have white sandy beaches, green palm trees, mauve sunrises, golden sunshine, and multicolored tropical flowers.  With more than 60 beaches, many secluded and nearly empty of other vacationers, you will find a place to snorkel, swim, boogie board, or just soak up the sun and do nothing.  We have hiking trails, waterfalls, and activities such as zip lining, kayaking, and bicycling.  How can you be blue on Kaua’i with so much to see and do?

We have a variety of rental properties for singles, couples, friends, and families ( or 1 855 HULA NOW):

Who says that there “ain’t no cure for the summer time blues”?  We have the cure!

Wishing you warm Aloha!



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