Posted by: kauaikolea2 | September 12, 2013

Dinosaur Alert! Can You Hear Their Thundering Footfalls in the Jungle? Jurassaic Park IV to Film on Kauai


If you have ever driven or hiked the back roads and trails of Kauai, you have probably had fleeting thoughts of dinosaurs, big and small, hidden in the lush foliage.  Are they sizing you up as a snack?  Do you hear the ground rumbling with their ponderous footsteps?  Imagination can run wild out there!

Industry buzz is that Jurassaic Park IV will start filming in July 2014 on Kauai.  The other films in the Jurassaic Park series have been filmed on Kauai, and when you are in the Waimea Canyon or on those back roads and hidden trails, you just become part of the fantasy of the dinosaurs.

While we love the Jurassaic Park enterprise and are happy to welcome cast and crew back to our lush and exotic island, we want to reassure you that no dinosaurs will bother you when you stay with us.  Maybe it is our warm and inviting setting on the Coconut Coast that deters them?  Or our beautifully appointed rooms with all-cotton sheets, thick towels, and tropical toiletries might frighten them away.  Or our personal attention to details and our great customer service might deter these cold-blooded beasts.

And even if T. rex wanted to stay with us, we are not sure that our beach chairs and boogie boards would fit them!

But if you are looking for affordable luxury, one of our beautiful condohotel rooms is right for you.  After a day chasing down dinos, or at least a day on a movie tour on island, you can come back and have a good night’s sleep, free from reptiles.  We have a variety of accomodations that sleep 2 to 4 guests comfortably and offer you the Vacation of a Life Time, Every Time — something the dinosaurs will not experience.

So, come, stay with us.  Please see our website and all our accommodations at or call us at 1.855.HULA NOW (1.855.485.2669).  If you are not cold blooded, we will welcome you to our Ohana!

Wishing you warm Aloha!


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