Posted by: kauaikolea2 | February 28, 2014

Best Summer Beaches and Kauai Condos


Secret Beach, Kauai

Another series of storms are battering the mainland — snow and ice in Detroit, Michigan; subzero wind chill factor in Akeley, Minnesota; ice storms in Portland, Oregon; and torrential rains in Los Angeles, California.

And spring is 3 weeks away….

You need a Hula Now summer beach vacation.  When you think “summer”, don’t you think “beach”, “sand between my toes”, “warm tropical trade winds”, and “endless sunshine”?  We have that on Kauai.

Close your eyes and see yourself walking along one of our 60 beaches (most of them scarcely populated even on the weekend), shave ice in hand.   Or maybe you see yourself sitting in a beach chair, sort of reading the latest bestselling paperback, but really sleepy and mesmerized by the gentle sound of the waves.  Or you are learning the hula at a starlight warm summer night luau.  Or zip lining through a tropical jungle.  Or…..

Let your imagination soar; Kauai has so much to do or nothing to do but relax.

Come stay with us this summer for the best beach vacation ever or book now for winter 2015 while some prime times are still available to you.  We look forward to wishing you warm Aloha!

See all our affordable luxury Kauai vacation rentals at our website:





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