Posted by: kauaikolea2 | April 11, 2014

My Secret Paradise


It’s early morning and I can hear the waves coming to shore, and the whisper of the trade winds as it brushes through the jalousie windows that surround me.  The sun is peaking through the clouds creating a beautiful picturesque ribbon of color on the water.  The sunrise through the palm trees creates a vision of splendor that your dreams of paradise are made of. The turtles are close to shore as they dance in the surf teasing you,  as you glance upon them when they come to the surface.  The beach is mine with no one else there,  with the sand so perfect without any footprints… it all feels like a dream, it is my dream of paradise.  As I remind myself I am at a one of the best kept secrets of paradise, and one that only a few get to experience, staying at a small secluded shore on Kauai that was once was a Shinto Temple… this is my paradise and I want to share it with you, so you too can experience the best kept secret in Kauai.


Enjoy the splendor of paradise and share our special place:


Kapaa Sands

Unit 7: Ocean Front Coastal Views – Second Floor – Queen Bed

Unit 9: Ocean Front Coastal Views – Second Floor – Queen Bed


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