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The Joy of Tide Pools on Kauai

tide pool

Tide Pool in Front of Kapaa Sands Resort Units No. 7 and No. 9

A tide pool is a pond surrounded by rocks and the tide pool can be natural or man-made. These rocky pools on the sea shore often are filled only at high tide. The tides do “flush” tide pools, bringing in small or large animals (as big as turtles) and fresh water and nutrients. Many enjoyable hours may be passed exploring the inhabitants of tide pools, especially at low tide when more of the tide pool rocks are exposed.

Kauai has several well-known tide pools, sometimes referred to as a Queen’s Bath — and once you see a tide pool, you can envision ancient Hawaiian royalty in a tide pool, enjoying a fine salt water bath.

Salt Pond Beach on the west side of Kauai is one of the places to discover the wonders of the tide pools; look closely or you might miss the animals and plants that blend into their surroundings. the creatures that blend into their environment. What looks like an outcropping of rocks on the far east end of the beach, is actually an old reef that hides an abundance of live treasures, especially for kids who are interested in marine life. If you wait for a low tide, you will be surprised to see the abundance of colorful sea creatures living here. You can find crabs and sea urchins, crimson Spanish dancers and sea cucumbers, spaghetti worms and brittle stars.  Make sure that you replace any animals you pick up to examine and never turn your back on the ocean.

Located in a neighborhood in Princeville, the Queen’s Bath is a natural tide pool carved from lava rocks and filled with clear emerald water. The view from the pool is spectacular. The Queen’s Bath is about the size of a standard swimming pool with a variety of small fishes and other marine creatures sharing the tide pool with you. The tides and waves replenish the tide pool with fresh sea water and new critters. Swim, snorkel, and enjoy the incredible views.  Again, be careful and do not turn your back to the ocean, lest there be a rogue wave.

Another tide pool can be found on the shore line directly in front of units no. 7 and no. 9 at Kapaa Sands Resort (see photo at top of this posting).  Some of our guests report finding turtles, lobsters, and sea glass in this tide pool. It is a great place to cool off and enjoy endless views of the clear blue Pacific Ocean.

Come, stay with us at Hula Now Kauai vacation rental condos and explore all the tide pools of Kauai.  We have units that sleep 1 to 4 in 2 full, 1 queen, or 1 king bed.  We love helping guests find the right spot for their vacation of a lifetime and look forward to showing you warm Aloha! Visit our website,, to see our great Kauai vacation rental offerings and to book immediately and securely on line.

Islander on the Beach

Unit 111: Partial Ocean View – Ground floor – 2 Full Beds

Unit 170: Partial Ocean View – Ground floor – 2 Full Beds

Unit 222: Almost Ocean Front – Second Floor – Queen Bed

Unit 250: Ocean Front – Second Floor – King Bed

Unit 361: Ocean View – Third Floor – King Bed

Kauai Beach Resort

Unit 1317: Lagoon/Partial Ocean View – Third Floor – King Bed

Kapaa Sands

Unit 7: Ocean Front Coastal Views – Second Floor – Queen Bed

Unit 9: Ocean Front Coastal Views – Second Floor – Queen Bed






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