Posted by: kauaikolea2 | August 10, 2014

Koloa Town and the Tree Tunnel

 koloaAn historic building in Old Koloa Town

Old Koloa Town has a rich history on the island, for it was in Koloa that the first sugar plantation in all the Hawaiian islands was opened in the early 1800s.  Many of the buildings in the historic district retain their unique and charming 19th century look, but now are open as shops and restaurants.

While sugar is no longer grown and milled on Kauai, you can see the remnants of the sugar mill and a plaque dedicated to the sugar mill workers in Old Koloa Town.  The mill’s stone chimney and 1840 foundation are still standing and are designated a National Historic Landmark.

Koloa Landing was once the port of entry for all of Kauai, including the whaling ships that made their way there in the early 1800s.  The ships would stock up on supplies before heading on out.  You, too, can stock up on supplies — or at least have lunch — at the Koloa Fish Market.  The Wine Shop is a terrific place to replenish your vacation libation supply.

The Tree Tunnel remains one of the best photo ops on island!  It is a stretch of Maluhia (“peaceful”) Road that is  lined with huge eucalyptus trees that are more than 100 years old.  Roll down the windows and get a good whiff of the pungent eucalyptus oil!  The tunnel is approximately 1 mile long (down from its original 3 miles). Many of our guests tell us that the drive through the tree tunnel is one of their favorite memories of their vacation on Kauai.

Historic Old Koloa Town and the Tree Tunnel are a short and beautiful drive from any one of our great condos.  Check out all our offerings and book on line at or call us at 1.855.HULA NOW for assistance in booking.  Come, stay with us and savor our brand of warm Aloha.



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