Posted by: kauaikolea2 | August 23, 2014

Kauai For All: We have a place for you in our vacation condos


Ocean View of Coastline of Kauai in Area of Our Condos

We love Kauai and we want everyone to experience our paradise home.  Periodically, when we speak with people about a vacation on Kauai, we hear some unfortunate misconceptions.  Kauai is for everyone and we want you to know that we have a unit that will fit your needs and we have suggestions for overcoming some of your other concerns:

1.  Kauai is Only for Couples —  Yes, Kauai is an ideal place for couples, but it is not Noah’s Ark!  There is no law that visitors need to be paired up!  Actually, a goodly percentage of our guests are single, or girl friends of every age, or older daughters and their mothers, or younger mothers with their daughters, or sisters, or brothers….you get the picture!  Kauai has so much to do with its 60 beaches, organic farm-fresh food, crafts, swimming, snorkeling, whale watching in season, hiking, zip lining, rum and wine tasting, biking, etc that it is the ideal place to get away from the daily routine and relax and discover new things…including new friends (see No. 2).

2.  You Need a Car on Kauai and I Don’t Drive — Yes, having a car can make some things a bit easier but a car is not necessary.  Kauai has an amazing bus service that goes all over the island.  We had a guest who did not drive stay with us for a month and she was out and about every day.  She told us that when she boarded a bus just after a few days, the driver and many passengers called out her name and greeted her like she was one of the family.  The people on Kauai are very warm and welcoming and we love that along the roads at bus stops, neighbors have set our chairs to use while waiting for the bus.  Kauai also has an excellent taxi service.  If you stay at our units at Kauai Beach Resort, guests have use of their free airport shuttle.

3.  My Travel Companion (or Me) Has Limited Mobility — Again, Kauai is for everyone!  The coastal bike path, Ke Ala Hele Makalae, is a prime example of how Kauai is accessible to all.  This multiuse path is designed for walkers, joggers, wheelchairs, walkers, carriages and strollers.  You will find that many of the public gardens and other venues have handicapped parking and accessibility. Lihue Airport is like all mainland airports with handicap services and accessibility. Our Hula Now boutique of vacation condos has several ground-floor units and also a unit that is wheelchair accessible. All our units have the highest quality amenities and décor so every one of our guests can enjoy our brand of warm Aloha no matter which unit they choose.

We hope that we have dispelled your myths about visiting Kauai.  We firmly believe Kauai is for everyone!  Come, stay with us!  You can view all our units on our beautiful new website: and you can book safely and securely on line 24/7. See you soon on beautiful Kauai!


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