Posted by: kauaikolea2 | May 3, 2015

Give Your Mom Kauai for a Happy Mother’s Day.


Rather than a bouquet this year, give mom the lush tropical island of Kauai.

Happy Mother’s Day (or as we say on Kauai “Hau’oli La Makuahine”).  Hula Now thinks your mom deserves some downtime at one of our Kauai vacation rental condos.

What a treat it would be for your mom to visit Kauai with its myriad of activities — as well as the freedom to have no activities beyond sitting in the sun on a sandy beach.  If you live on  Kauai, your mother could spend time with you but also have some private “me” time at one of Hula Now’s vacation rentals. (If your mother lives on Kauai, you could come visit and stay with us, lessening the work for mom.) Or maybe your mother has always dreamed of a tropical getaway and what better place than Kauai with its 60 beaches, hiking, biking, cultural events, farmers’ markets, great food, unique crafts, lush greenery, blue skies and bluer ocean.

We have Kauai vacation rentals with full, queen, and king beds; rentals with full kitchens or kitchenette; views that range from oceanfront to ocean view to garden/resort.  Hula Now even has ground floor units that are handicap accessible.

You can book on line at any time at our website and give mom the vacation of a lifetime.

Flowers, chocolates, perfume, another silk scarf versus Kauai…..we think we know what mom would choose!


Wishing you (and your mother) warm Aloha!



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