Posted by: kauaikolea2 | May 17, 2015

Need Side-by-Side Rooms for Your Family and Friends This Summer? Hula Now Can Help


With side-by-side rooms with lockable connecting doors, your best friend can always be close and ready for some Kauai excitement.

Summertime is heading your way — fast — and Hula Now thinks that Kauai is the best place for your summer vacation, family reunion, or group get-a-way.  And what is more fun than side-by-side rooms so your entire group can share all the excitement of the trip.  Mom and Dad can have one room with the children immediately next door in the other room.  Large families can spread out.  Grandparents can come along and have their own room.  Girlfriends of all ages can talk the night away and then slip quickly into beds, catching up on sleep for another day of Kauai adventures.  Whatever reason you have for needing side-by-side rooms, Hula Now can help with your reservation at Islander on the Beach:

  • 120 and 121 (both rooms sleep 4 for a total of 8 guests)
  • 170 and 171 (both rooms sleep 4 for a total of 8 guests)
  • 305 and 306 (both rooms sleep 3 for a total of 6 guests)
  • 352 and 353 (both rooms sleep 3 for a total of 6 guests)

Plus, Hula Now has a 2-bedroom unit (with dedicated parking stall) for 3 guests at the Islander.

Islander on the Beach is a beautiful 6-acre oceanfront property on the Royal Coconut Coast (east side of the island), so conveniently located for exploration north, south, and west and close to restaurants, fine dining, shopping, the airport, and many activities, such as kayaking tours.  The Islander has a great “old Hawaii” ambiance that guests return to year after year. Summer is a great time to explore Kauai with its endless beaches and hiking trails, snorkeling, surfing, boat trips, kayaking, great food, farmers’ markets, and native Hawaiian crafts.

You can view all our Kauai vacation rental units at and can book safely and securely on line at any time.   Our new summer pricing makes Hula Now a wonderful choice.

So, come, stay with Hula Now and enjoy Kauai with your family and friends this summer.

Wishing you warm Aloha!



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