Posted by: kauaikolea2 | August 11, 2015

Choose Your Umbrella

raining cats and dogs

It is raining cats and dogs in New York City, with London expecting similar weather. 

Today’s forecast:

Denver  – chance of thunderstorms

New York City  – heavy rain

London – 80% chance of rain

Melbourne – showers

Oh no!  You will need your umbrella!

But here, on Kauai, we celebrate other kinds of umbrellas:

beach umbrellaBeach umbrella…nice change from a rain umbrella!


Fancy little umbrellas in tropical drinks.

Now, what kind of umbrella would you like to have today?  Here at Hula Now, we think that you would most likely choose a beach umbrella or a drink with a little umbrella over a rain umbrella (along with soggy shoes and dodging cars splashing through puddles).

August, September, October are all wonderful months to visit Kauai — summer crowds are dwindling, sun is still shining 12 hours a day, trade winds are gently blowing, Kauai is doing what Kauai does best.  So come, stay at one of our affordable luxury Kauai vacation rental properties.  We offer vacation rentals with full, queen, or king beds; rentals that sleep 1 to 6 guests; rentals with kitchenettes or full kitchens; rentals that have garden or ocean views; and rentals that are so oceanfront you think you are right on the sandy beach.

You can view all our Kauai vacation rental properties and book safely and securely on line at any time at our website:

Come to Kauai!  Leave your rain umbrella at home and enjoy our island “umbrellas”.

Wishing you warm Aloha!


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