Posted by: kauaikolea2 | November 13, 2015

Kauai Vacation for Thanksgiving: Start a New Tradition


This pilgrim may be wishing that the Mayflower landed on Kauai for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, filled with turkey, cranberries, pies, families, and nonstop football games.  Everyone has his or her favored Thanksgiving traditions, be it creamed onions as a side dish or leftover turkey and stuffing sandwiches while watching the final bowl game of the day.

Why not start a new tradition?  Can you picture yourself enjoying a football game at a tiki bar on the beach, tropical drink in hand with warm sun and tropical trade winds caressing you?  Maybe you never considered a Kauai vacation for Thanksgiving and Hula Now wants to entice you to come to Kauai for Thanksgiving.  Premium units are available for automatic booking at any time at We have Kauai vacation rentals that sleep 1 to 4 guests in ocean front, ocean view, and resort view settings.

And once the last bowl game has ended on the mainland, it is still early enough on Kauai for a game of touch football on the beach, a leisurely Thanksgiving dinner, or even another round at the tiki bar to celebrate your team’s victory.

Wishing  you a Happy Thanksgiving and warm Aloha!



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