Posted by: kauaikolea2 | January 28, 2016

Home Brew Spot Close to Our Kauai Vacation Rentals: Kauai Beer Company


Some local dudes enjoying a beer.  Too bad that they are not enjoying Kauai also!

Kauai is a foodie’s paradise with many farm-to-table dining options.  If you like good fresh food, Kauai is the ideal place for you.

Certainly when you think “Kauai”, you think Kauai coffee and Kauai rum, but Kauai also has a great brew pub in Lihue that you may not have visited.

The Kauai Beer Company is located at 4265 Rice Street, Lihue, and is open Wednesday through Saturday for lunch, dinner, and general beer tasting.  Their menus are interesting and playful (when have you had beer-battered avocado wedges or steamed breadfruit in a salad?) and feature local products, including fresh-baked organic bread.  Several beers are always available on tap, along with bottled beers, cider, and wine.

Rice Street in Lihue and the Kauai Beer Company are easy drives — about 7 miles or so —  from Hula Now Kauai vacation rental units.  After a day of sight-seeing, snorkeling, or sailing, why not stop in for a drink and a meal? You can see all Hula Now vacation rentals at, where you can book on line 24/7 for your convenience.  Hula Now has real-time booking to help ensure you can book the exact vacation rental you want.

We hope to see you on island soon and would be interested in learning about your experience at Kauai Beer Company and other favorite places to enjoy the bounty of Kauai.

Wishing you warm Aloha!


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